Why Switching to Organic Weed Killer?

I was never anyone you would consider to be "green" or part of the whole organic movement. I never thought there was any need to spend the extra cash on organic products because I didn't think it made a huge difference. I began to change my mind, and it began with a weird, best weed killer.

I've always used weed killers around the house, on the driveway, destroying the weeds in the cracks, using them in the yard, etc. I had never really thought about it much. I would go to the store and use it to buy the brand name weed killer. My wife and I wanted to start trying to have a boy, and I was told by one of my friends that we should use an organic pesticide to investigate to prevent the pesticides from being tracked inside the building. I was cynical, of course. All this coincided with me moving into a new house that had problems with weeds. I wanted to try an organic weed killer, knowing that I needed to make some weed killing and thinking about my future child.

best weed killer

In the driveway and on the sidewalk next to the house, I used a vinegar and soap combination to kill the weeds. It worked great, and I was surprised. I chose not to use this mixture in the garden because I read that something it lands on would kill the mixture, and I didn't trust myself not to get it on the vegetables (we didn't want to kill those, obviously). So, I tried a mix of organic mulch in the garden (grass clippings, wood chips, etc.) to try to avoid the sun from hitting the weeds. It worked well too. I'm not suggesting that all the weeds were stopped, but it made it very easy for my wife and me to pick the few ones sprouted by hand.

Maybe this isn't for everyone. Only using the spray bottle pre-mixed to spray the weeds is better. I want people to consider using organic weed killers because it is not difficult to mix up, and it may also save you money depending on the form of organic liquid fertilizers you choose to use.

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